Traditional mustard factory, restaurant and terrace!

When visiting the provence of Groningen, the region Het Hoogeland, Lauwersmeer or Waddenkust, a stopover at Abrahams Mosterdmakerij can not be missed! At the cozy Molenplein in Eenrum you will find one of the few locations in the Netherlands where mustard is made in the traditional way.

The mustard factory is entirely open to the public; take all the time to look around or join a tour. More information about Abrahams mustard and tasty recipes can be found under the heading ‘Mustard Factory‘ in the main menu.

In the restaurant, which is located in the same building divided by a huge glass wall, you can of course taste our mustard too! The mustard soup is always ready, but there are many more lunch and dinner dishes with and without mustard on the menu. Under the heading ‘Restaurant‘ you will find our menu and the possibility to reserve a table. We hope to welcome you soon!

Unable to come to Eenrum? Then you can simply order our products online in our webshop! Still, the webshop is only available in Dutch part of the website, but if the language is no problem for you, you can select your products and order. During the order process you can select your country and shipment costs will automatically be calculated (within Europe). Do you have a shop where you want to sell our products? Contact us for retail prices!

Always wanted to know where Abraham gets his mustard?

An old Dutch saying that you probably have never heard of. Different scientists and linguists disagree about the origin of the saying. Most of them see the origin in the Old Testament, Genesis 22-6, where it is said that Abraham would sacrifice his son on a fire. He collected mutables and put the wood on his son’s shoulders. ‘Mutsaard’ means ‘branches bunch’. The word would be distorted to ‘mustaard’ and later to ‘mostaard’. In the end the word ‘mosterd’ has become.

In any case, in proverbial sense “knowing where Abraham gets the mustard” means something like ‘getting it well’.

Opening hours:

November – March

  • Monday, Tuesday and Thursday:
  • Wednesday:
    12:00 – 17:00 p.m.
  • Friday:
    from 17:00 p.m.
  • Saturday and Sunday:
    from 12:00 p.m.

We don’t have fixed closing times, the restaurant closes only when the last dinner guests are satisfied!

From Friday to Sunday we are open for dinner. Depending on various factors it is sometimes ‘cozy busy’ in the restaurant. We have quite some tables, so there is almost always a free one for you. But very occassionally we have to disappoint guests without pattern. Reservation is therefore always desirable.

Groups can also book outside the regular opening hours. Please contact us to get more information, group prices and/or to check availability.